QuickLit: October 2020

It’s QuickLit time once more! Time to see what everyone else on the Intertubez have been reading these days. You can check out the original QuickLit over on Modern Mrs. Darcy.


First off, my spooky reading for Spooktober. Edith Wharton didn’t just write about class angst during the Gilded Age. She also wrote some intriguing ghost stories.

This collection isn’t just ghost stories, but also psychological horror and mysteries. The first one, “The Bolted Door”, gives us a very unreliable narrator. Is he really a murderer, or has he invented the story as a way to commit suicide-by-cop? And is he simply unconvincing, or is he slowly losing his mind…?

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of them, especially the ghost stories.


I’m continuing my Great Tolkien Re-Read, and I’m very much enjoying myself. Boromir’s death made me cry as usual, and I’m currently reading about Treebeard, always a treat. There is a great version of the Ents’ marching song here on YouTube:


So, what books have you been reading lately? Intriguing new releases or old favorites?

And, most importantly, are you deliberately trying to spook yourself with scary stories like I am???

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